We weld steel, aluminium and stainless steel

Individual parts, assemblies and more...

Metal Technology, also for welding and grinding!

Many parts and assemblies have to be precisely welded and ground, we can meet this requirement thanks to our many years of experience. Convince yourself!

100% handmade!

  • MIG = Metal inert gas welding: In this case, inert gases are used, i.e. those which do not undergo any chemical reactions with the molten metal. It is mainly used for non-ferrous metals and high-alloy steels.
  • MAG = Metal active gas welding: Here, reactive gases are used to deliberately change the composition of the melt. It is used for unalloyed and low-alloyed steels.
  • WIG = Tungsten inert gas welding: Uses a non-consumable tungsten electrode. High seam qualities can be achieved.


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